Quality Control

Quality Statement

Since 1978, Leonard Machine Co., LLC., has been a leader in precision CNC machined
products. Leonard Machine is committed to customer satisfaction by meeting the
requirements of our customers, on time, correct the first time, and every time. We are
committed to the continual improvement of our Quality Management System, and we strive
to support the strategic direction of our Company and those who impact our business.

We are committed to SUCCESS through:

  • Achieving an average annual Quality Performance of 98% or better for our customer’s products.
  • Achieving an average annual On-Time Delivery Performance of 96% or better
  • Attaining an average annual maximum Scrap part level of 2%.
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Superior customer service

We endeavor to support the Quality Policy through:

  • 100% Employee involvement, education, and training
  • State-of- the-art tooling, equipment, and techniques for our industry
  • Ethical business practices with our employees, customers, suppliers, and our community.

Leonard Machine Co., LLC. is a leader in the machining of precision CNC products primarily
used in the manufacturing of commercial valves, but our expertise extends into many other
industries which include: nuclear, commercial electronics, deep hole drilling, medical
tooling, automotive, and construction. We are committed to our Quality Policy objectives as
it is the cornerstone of our business. We will continue to focus and respond to the special
quality assurance needs of our customers, and will exert every effort to meet or exceed the
quality expectations of those we serve in the areas of management, engineering,
manufacturing, and customer service.

Leonard Machine Co., LLC’s Quality Managed System.

The objective of Leonard Machine’s Quality Managed System is to ensure that our
product conforms to our customers’ needs and expectations. Without a Certified Quality
Management System, there’s no continuous improvement in product quality to ensure that
we consistently and continuously meet or exceed customer requirements. Leonard has
been ISO certified since 2013.

Our quality-managed system is based on ISO certification. Our calibration system is
compliant with those ISO procedures.

Leonard Machine utilizes, E2 Software Shop System. This is all-inclusive manufacturing software that allows
us to track every step of the manufacturing process. E2 Software tracks everything, from the initial quote
through the final shipping paper work. This software allows us to better schedule our shop time and give more accurate delivery schedules to our customers.

Our documentation process begins with receiving and includes: First Article Inspection (FAI), in-
process inspection, and final inspection. Positive Material Identification monitoring of raw
materials is performed on all manufactured products.

Our Quality Control department includes consistent, exhaustive inspection via non-
destructive testing procedures to guarantee the viability of the parts we manufacture. At
Leonard Machine, we have a reputation for consistently exceeding customer-specific and
industry standards.

To make this possible, we employ:

  • Traceability on all jobs processed with quality plans to ensure optimal results and
    adherence to strict standards
  • Verification of material certifications and in-process inspections to ensure consistent

We utilize coordinate measuring machine (CMM) technology in our inspection process, as
well as a range of other equipment with traceability back to ISO calibration standards.


Leonard Machine Co., LLC. utilizes a Brown & Sharpe, Global Classic series CMM paired
with Hexagon Metrology’s PC-DMIS software and a Tesastar SM80 M8 multi-angular probe
head for measurement of complex parts with critical dimensioning and GDT characteristics.
In keeping up with our customer’s needs for close tolerance parts on large and small parts,
Leonard has added to its arsenal of metrology tools the latest FARO portable measurement
arm. The latest advances in hardware and software have brought this technology to a level
where it is now possible to measure large and small parts with amazing accuracy–within
tenths of thousands. Thermal compensation and the use of graphite composites have both
added to reliability of this device.


  • ISO 9001:2015 Registered
  • First article inspection
  • Inspection reports
  • Material certificate
  • Thermally controlled QC inspection room
  • Brown & Sharpe CMM  28”w x 40”l
  • Master View Optical comparator
  • Thermo Scientific Niton XL12 GOLDD
  • Calibrated hand inspection tools
  • Large Assortment of Ring & Plug gauges
  • Faro Arm Portable Measurement Device